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Angry Birds

diane watson

hi vintage soul my name is diane one of the winners of your beautiful pillows i HAVE NOT RECIEVE my pillow i know u have send it i think it have gotten lost will u please contact me


ii would love to buy your pillows, but where?

Laura Venosa

Hi Deb trying to get hold of you email me at Laura/ Verbena nested treasures.

Vintage Soul

My website is up u can on through my blog.thanks deb

Hi Debbie, beautiful linens, just got the RC mag ohh lala, I have to come visit the shop soon, hugs, Kimberly


one of the most beautiful website hurry i want to buy

Vintage Soul

Hey angie sorry about the delay on my website . I hope it will be up by sunday ! Thank u deb

Angie Mathey

Can't wait to see the new website! I already have a customer who wants to order bedding and pillows!!
Talk soon, Angie at The White Rabbit

Vintage Soul

Hi!! thank you so much my website will be up by friday or saturday . I will have many lovely things 4 u 2 see u soon . Thank u :o) vintage soul debbie

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